What To Do if Your Kitchen Doesn't Have a Vent



What To Do if Your Kitchen Doesn't Have a Vent

By Hauslane ∙ 5 mins read

Here’s the thing about cooking smells. When you’re getting ready for a meal, they’re wonderful. The smell of vegetable lasagna or homemade brownies is hard to resist. But once you’re finished eating, lingering odors are anything but appetizing. If you have a ducted range hood, you can simply turn it on once you’re done with your meal. No more smells, fumes, or smoke.

But what if your kitchen doesn’t have a vent? Is opening a door or plugging in a fan your only option? You’ll be excited to learn there’s an option for kitchens without vents that can help keep your house smelling fresh and looking cleaner.

What To Do if Your Kitchen Doesn't Have a Vent

Vented vs. Unvented Range Hoods

Range hoods vary across price points, designs, performance levels, and sizes. You can also find them in vented or unvented models or ducted vs. ductless. Vented range hoods have a fan and are attached to a duct in the kitchen so the air can be vented to the exterior of the house. By comparison, unvented hoods have a fan but do not use a duct.

You might be wondering how an unvented range hood works if it doesn’t use ductwork. This type of range hood uses charcoal filters to clean the air before it is recirculated. The filters are used to trap grease and neutralize odors.

Advantages of Ductless Rangehood

So, why would you choose a ductless range hood? Here are some of the main benefits this type of range hood offers:

✦ Versatility of Installation

It’s not always easy or even possible to add duct and install a range hood. For a ducted under cabinet range hood, you would need ductwork through or behind the cabinets. With an island range hood, you’ll want to run ductwork up the ceiling. In some smaller kitchens such as those found in condos and apartments, there may not be space to run ductwork.

With a ductless range hood, you can mount it anywhere you choose. No ductwork or major renovation required. This makes for an easier, more practical installation.

✦ Fewer Costs

The costs of adding ductwork and the related renovations can add up fast. Ductless range hoods are also less expensive in general. Hauslane’s ductless range hoods can be easily set up and plugged in without professional assistance.

✦ Efficient Filters

Charcoal and aluminum filters are the “secret sauce,” so to speak, of ductless range hoods. These filters are replaceable and should be changed every few weeks (or as soon as you notice a difference in performance quality). At Hauslane, we offer a convenient charcoal filter subscription, so you’ll always have a new pair ready when you need them. Ductless range hoods also use aluminum mesh filters for extra-grease trapping.

One thing to note about ductless range hoods is that they won’t offer quite the same level of heavy-duty performance as a ducted range hood. If you cook often and use high temperatures, you may find a ducted model to be more effective. However, if you can’t add ductwork or need versatility in your installation, ductless range hoods are a good choice to improve your indoor air quality.

With Hauslane, you can convert our range hoods to ductless with just a pair of charcoal filters. Then, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a brand new cooking experience! Stay tuned to the Hauslane blog for even more tips and tricks.