The 30” model range hoods have an exact width of 29-¾”, which allows them to fit within the 30”space between cabinets.

CFM is an abbreviation for cubic feet per minute. It measures the speed of airflow. More speficially, CFM ratings tell us how fast air can be moved out of a room. Many of our customers ask us about CFM suction power and why we don't list it in our descriptions. Suction power definitely matters when it comes to finding the right range hood! However, there’s no clear international standard for CFM. Manufacturers also use different testing environments and labs. CFM ratings vary based on kitchen setup, venting, windows, and more. In fact, you could test the same range hood in the same kitchen and change an element (such as closing a window) and get a different CFM reading. That’s why we recommend selecting your rangehood based on your cooking needs.

The majority of our range hoods are rated at around 60 dBs at the highest setting. You can control the noise of the model through our various speed settings. To learn more about range hood noise control, check out our detailed blog. To get an in-depth explanation about noise levels, read our blog: Everything You Need to Know about Sones Ratings for Range Hoods

The power cable is 3.5 feet long.

Clearance is important to ensuring your range hood functions properly and for safety. We recommend a clearance of 24 to 30 inches between an electric cooktop and base of the range hood. For a gas cooktop, the clearance should be between 28 to 30 inches. Read more about the best range hood mounting height.

All of our range hoods are made with 18-gauge (430 grade) stainless steel.

Our range hoods are designed with the standard cabinet in mind. As long as your cabinets are properly installed, there will be no issue mounting the Hauslane range hoods.

We do not currently offer range hoods that fit 15” deep cabinets. Our models are designed to fit 12”deep cabinets.

For the best fit, we recommend selecting the size of your range hood to at least match the size of your cooking range. For example, a 30” range hood is a good choice for a 30” cooktop but would not work with a 36” cooktop.

Yes, we offer a variety of range hoods to fit your existing space over the microwave. We provide a handful of resources that give a step-by-step guide on how to replace an over-the-range microwave with a new range hood.

We do not offer custom range hoods. However,the IN-R100 model is a popular choice and can be installed into custom hoods. We do offer convertible range hoods that can be installed for either ducted or ductless operation.

We know picking a range hood can be a challenge; we’ve crafted an in-depth Buyer’s Guide to help you find the ideal model for your kitchen and cooking needs. You can also start by reading this quick overview on how to choose the right range hood for your kitchen.

Recirculation means the range hood will extract dirty air from the kitchen, send it through a filtration system (usually aluminum filter & charcoal filter), and distribute purified air back to the kitchen. This application is intended for kitchens that do not have any duct work.

We have over 100 dealers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. Just drop us a quick note through support, and we’ll find the nearest authorized retailers in your area.

At Hauslane, we offer range hoods that work for kitchens with no duct work. This type of hood is known as a recirculating range hood, or ductless range hood. To browse our ductless range hoods, head to our website and click on 'all products'. Then, filter by selecting 'ductless' in the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Please note that our ductless range hoods require charcoal filters that must be replaced every few months. Some range hoods pair aluminum mesh filters with charcoal filters for extra air-purification power. Depending on your cooking frequency, we recommend to change your filters at least every 2 months. For more information on the ductless range hood installation process, read this blog. The alternative to using a recirculating range hood is to create a vent opening and run duct work. This can seem a bit daunting but it is much more simple than you might think.

These two cleaning methods are separate functions. Water cleaning uses a mixed solution to wash away grease and oil. The UC-C395 and UC-C400 under cabinet range hoods both offer a self-cleaning function using water. Steam cleaning converts water into steam to soften the solidified grease. It is then followed by a water cleaning cycle to keep the inside of the range hood free from grease. The UC-PS38 under cabinet range hood uses the steam cleaning method in its self-cleaning function. Learn more about how our auto steam-cleaning function works here.

It is normal for grease to collect inside the housing, motor, and fan of the range hood. This accumulation of grease increases friction on the motor and decreases the suction power. By keeping the model free of grease, you can extend the life of the motor and overall hygiene of the appliance.

Our self-cleaning models include the UC-PS38, UC-C400, and UC-C395. The UC-PS38 is our range hood that exclusively uses a steam-cleaning method, which dissolves caked on grease and extends the life of the motor. The UC-C400 and UC-C395 under cabinet range hoods use a water cleaning method which involves running a mixed solution through the hood to wash away grease and oil. Read more about our steam cleaning function here.

This depends on your cooking habits. If you are a heavy-duty or every day cooker; using high temperatures and making dishes such as stir fry often, we recommend using the features every other day. If you don't cook frequently, or use lighter cooking methods, you can run it about once a month. Learn more about how to use the auto steam cleaning function for all of our hoods here.

A convertible range hood can use either ducted or ductless venting systems. You can install convertible range hoods to either recirculate or vent through ductwork, depending on your kitchen setup. A convertible range hood offers placement flexibility. If you plan on moving your cooking area in the future, you can easily change the range hood to suit your new kitchen layout, whether that will be ducted or not.

Ductless range hoods are not connected to a ducting vent and cannot send dirty air outdoors. Instead, Ductless range hoods take in fumes, odors, and grease particles, filter the air, and re-distribute purified air back into your kitchen. Non-ducted range hoods typically operate with filters with a charcoal layer and an aluminum layer. The aluminum layer traps grease, grime, and odor particles before the charcoal layer neutralizes the air and recirculates it. The activated charcoal within the filter is processed to absorb gas molecules. Oxygen is used to heat the carbon which vaporizes and removes impurities from the air. This reaction creates pores on the surface that continue catching gas molecules, trapping and absorbing them inside for cleaner air to breathe. Hauslane offers two types of charcoal filters: a carbon chips filter for wall mount, island, and built-in range hoods and a cotton charcoal filter for under the cabinet range hoods. Read more about the benefits of charcoal filters here.

The baffle filters are made of stainless steel and trap grease through grooves to prevent dripping grease from falling onto your stove or effecting your kitchen interior. Hybrid filters are made of aluminum mesh filters which provide different layers of air purification. As air reaches the hybrid filter, it traps and separates out the grease from cooking fumes. The aluminum layer is made from a thin sheet of aluminum that has been woven into a mesh pattern, which allows air to pass through while capturing larger particles like grease, fumes, and toxins. The mesh layer layer is a synthetic filter media which is designed to capture smaller particles like bacteria and smoke. Some range hood models pair aluminum mesh filters with charcoal filters for extra air-purification power.

Hauslane range hoods are meticulously designed in Silicon Valley, California and they are manufactured in China. We are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

To register your new Hauslane product, visit our registration page and enter the information prompted on the screen.

We offer free shipping to the continental United States for all of our range hoods.

Yes! You can browse our product selections on our Canada store front page, or you may view our line of products on or for full selection.

We have a 30-day return policy. Before starting the installation, please inspect your order for any exterior damages or defects. To test the function of your range hood, plug in the unit to make sure that it runs properly as we do not take returns for installed units.

We offer 2-day shipping in selected states: WA, OR, NV, CA, AZ, and ID. Orders usually ship between 5-7 business days. Once shipped, a tracking number will be provided and you may view tracking updates during transit. If the item is out of stock or purchased during pre-order, please allow some time to see movement of your order.

Our two-year warranty covers all replacement parts, if the replacement parts do not address the issue, we will send out a replacement unit, labor is not included. All range hood motors have a limited lifetime warranty. For more details, please visit our warranty page.

The warranty is not transferable.

At Hauslane, our engineers take pride in our core technology: the efficient, powerful motor. If your motor ever breaks or stops working, we will send you a new one for free.


Hauslane range hoods are easy to install! We provide all of the instructions that you'll need in the user manual provided with your range hood. You can also find helpful resources on our blog and installation tutorials on our YouTube channel. If you are not confident in your installation abilities, we recommend working with a professional for best results.

Congrats on receiving your brand new Hauslane range hood! To prepare for your installation start by checking the contents of the box to make sure you have everything. Next, connect your range hood to the power source and test the operation functions to ensure everything is working properly before beginning installation. Follow the installation steps included in the User Manual. For more installation resources, check out these blogs. You can also find step-by-step tutorials on our Youtube channel.

We recommend a duct size no smaller than 6 inches. Any smaller than that can reduce the performance of the range hood and came back airflow.

Ceiling-mounted hoods are often used in kitchens with island cooktops, where there's no wall to mount the hood. Ceiling-mounted hoods can provide a sleek, modern look and can be a great focal point in the kitchen. They can also be more effective at capturing smoke and steam from the cooktop since they're positioned closer to the source. For information about how to install a range hood through the ceiling, read this blog.

Setting the fan auto-delay power off function on a Hauslane under cabinet range hood is a simple process. First, turn on the power to the range hood. Then, turn on the fan. Keep in mind that the delay function only works when the fan is running. Once the fan is running, press the illuminated clock button on the control panel. Use the up and down arrows to set the amount of time that you want the fan to run before shutting off. Once you have selected the desired time, press the power button to turn off the delay function. Read more information about the auto-delay function here.

The installation process for a ductless range hood is very similar to a ducted range hood, but with fewer steps. You can find these instructions in your range hoods user manual that was provided with its shipment package. For more details, read our blog about how to install a ductless range hood.

To set the time on a touch screen range hood, follow these steps: Hold down the power button for five seconds until the display screen blinks. This indicates that the clock function is now active. Next, use the up and down arrows on the control panel to select the hour that you want the range hood to display. Once you have selected the desired hour, press the power button to confirm your selection. Follow the same steps to select the minutes for the timer. When you have set both the hour and minutes, press the power button again to activate the timer. The display screen will stop blinking, indicating that the timer is now set.

We make the process easy! All you need are a pair of charcoal filters (sold separately) and to create an opening in the cabinet or enclosure so the air can escape and recirculate. Read our blog for a detailed step-by-step guide.


Fabric and charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and must be replaced. Baffle filters, aluminum mesh filters, and hybrid filters are easy to clean with at home cleaning supplies. Our baffle filters are the easiest to clean as they are dishwasher safe. Cleaning your range hood filter involves a simple soak and scrub routine. Before you begin cleaning, unplug the range hood and make sure everything is dry before plugging it back in. Read our tutorial on how to clean your range hood filter in 7 steps, or you can watch our Youtube video tutorial here.

We're here to help! We offer several ways to get in touch when it's most convenient for you. Connect with our customer support by call, text, chat, email, and even virtual appointment. Our support hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm PST. Call us at: 800-929-0168 or email us at

Our two-year limited warranty covers all replacement parts. Please note that light bulbs have a 3 month warranty. To get started, please provide the following information in an email to Name, order number, shipping address, and a brief description of the issue.

We suggest to change your charcoal filters every other month or as soon as you notice they are losing their effectiveness. Our filter subscription plan makes it easy to keep your range hood running in tip-top shape.


If you hear loud noises from your range hood after installation, turn off the power. Then, remove the duct from the range hood and check for any foreign objects that may have fallen in the range hood during installation. Remove any objects and turn on the range hood to test. If you can't find the source of the noise or it won't go away, reach out to our customer support team.

Contact our customer support team and we'll send you a replacement LCD screen. There is no charge if the range hood is still within the warranty period.

Remove the light bulbs. Place the working light bulb in the space where the burned-out bulb was previously. If it works, then you just need to replace the bulb. Light bulbs are not covered under warranty as they are wear and tear items. You can find LED light bulbs for sale here.

If your range hood is within the warranty period, our customer service team will do their best to help you resolve the issue. The best way for us to help you is to take a video of the issue and email it to Our team will be in touch as soon as possible. If your range hood is out of the warranty period, you can still l take a video of the issue and send it to us. Our team is happy to help troubleshoot the problem. Our customer support is free. However, there will be a charge for parts and shipping if replacements are needed.

This issue is typically caused by unstable electrical currents such as power outages. To fix this issue, perform a cycle reset. First, unplug the range hood from the outlet. Wait 30 seconds and then, plug the range hood back into the electrical outlet. Wait another 30 seconds and then test the function. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to

We make it simple to start your warranty claim. All you need is a proof of purchase such as an invoice, a description of the product and details regarding the defect, along with the name and address of the product owner/purchaser. You can email a copy of it to: Warranty claims must be filled out within six (6) months of the claimed defect(s).