About Hauslane



It All Begins in the Kitchen

Every culture around the world comes together around the dinner table. In fact, the word companion comes from the Latin root words com (to break) and pan (bread). A companion is, quite literally, someone you break bread with.

It’s impossible to overstate the power of exceptional cooking to connect people, whether it’s a first date, and family reunion, a special occasion, or dinner on a Tuesday night. The culinary arts are integral to health, happiness, and human connection.

Health & Safety
Our customers’ health and safety always remains our top priority.

Our products are designed to inspire your inner chef and make cooking enjoyable.

Human Connection
We are dedicated to building long last relationships with our customers.


At Hauslane, our mission is to design a better home cooking experience for you and your family.

What does it mean to have a modern kitchen? The magic is in the details: beautifully designed appliances that are affordable, durable, and include technology that simplifies your life; allowing you to focus on cooking tasty meals. For the past 7 years, we’ve begun fulfilling our mission by selling range hoods, an appliance that is sometimes overlooked but is an essential part of any kitchen.

Our range hoods combine a sleek, modern design with powerful, durable engineering that seamlessly removes smoke and other pollutants from your home for many, many years.

A small upgrade with our product will make a huge improvement to your kitchen, and it is designed to last for decades.


A Vision For Our Future

When we chose the name “Hauslane,” our vision was to be a one-stop-shop for modern, affordable household products. We eventually narrowed our focus to the kitchen and it became our mission to create products that modernize this central hub of the home.

We began with range hoods, an essential component of any kitchen. In the future, we plan to expand to other essential appliances, including ranges, ovens, dishwashers, and more.


Our goal is to help home chefs build a modern, professional-grade kitchen at best price.

You can expect great things from us in the years to come, and we’ll be by your side throughout your culinary adventures.