8 Best YouTube Cooking Shows for Food Lovers



8 Best YouTube Cooking Channels You Should Follow for Meal Inspiration

If you're looking for a blend of educational, entertaining, and delicious content, YouTube is the perfect platform to learn new cooking techniques, discover unique recipes, and engage with a community of passionate food lovers. From the culinary wisdom of professional chefs to the experimental endeavors of home cooks, here are the 8 of the best YouTube cooking channels to subscribe to for a variety of mouth-watering content.

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1. You Suck at Cooking (3.03M subscribers)

This YouTube channel combines humor with simplicity to create a unique cooking experience for its audience.

By showcasing essential recipes like roasted brussels sprouts, beef stew, and carrot cake, You Suck at Cooking makes learning to cook accessible and fun. The approachable nature of the content makes this channel perfect for both seasoned chefs and culinary novices alike.

2. Joshua Weissman (7.3M subscribers)

Joshua Weissman is the go-to YouTube personality for recreating your favorite fast food and restaurant meals at home, but with a gourmet twist.

His videos, featuring delectable recipes like a copycat Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich, are loved by millions and can help you reduce both the time and cost of eating out, while still enjoying the same tastes and flavors.

3. Honeysuckle (1.25M subscribers)

Hosted by Dzung Lewis, Honeysuckle is an aesthetic cooking channel with an array of tasty recipes ranging from pineapple fried rice to Vietnamese ginger chicken.

Lewis also tests viral internet recipes and creates copycat versions of popular fast food items, making this channel a one-stop-shop for diverse, easy-to-follow culinary content.

4. Babish Culinary Universe (9.95M subscribers)

Oliver Babish, the creator behind the Babish Culinary Universe, takes you on a journey through traditional and pop culture-inspired dishes.

With segments like Basics with Babish and Binging with Babish, this channel covers everything from classic pasta dishes to movie snack replicas, catering to a wide audience of food lovers.

5. Ethan Chlebowski (1.66M subscribers)

Ethan Chlebowski's channel is a trove of educational content for those looking to understand the science behind cooking.

From choosing the right spices to buying the best cuts of meat, his videos are a perfect blend of food theory and practical, delicious recipes.

6. Pro Home Cooks (3.7M subscribers)

Pro Home Cooks, run by Mike Greenfield, offers a plethora of advice and easy-to-follow tutorials covering topics like kitchen gadget testing and meal prepping.

Greenfield’s friendly demeanor makes learning new skills feel like a fun activity shared with a friend.

7. Jamie Oliver (5.76M subscribers)

A renowned chef, Jamie Oliver's YouTube channel is a reflection of his commitment to healthy, everyday meals that are easy to create yet full of flavor.

As an advocate for better nutrition for children, Oliver's recipes are family-friendly, perfect for upgrading your dinner routine.

8. Tasty (21M subscribers)

Buzzfeed's Tasty is known for its innovative cooking experiments, quick meal ideas, and entertaining cooking challenges.

This channel’s viral content, such as baking a 30-pound donut, and their YouTube Shorts series offer a dose of culinary creativity perfect for both entertainment and learning.

Take your inspiration and run with it!

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Whether you are a seasoned cook or a beginner starting your food journey, these YouTube cooking channels offer a diverse range of content to satisfy your culinary curiosity.

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