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Cook With Style: Best Kitchen Hood Ideas For Your Home

By Hauslane ∙ 15 mins read

The days of strictly functional kitchen hood designs are over. The kitchen has always been nearly everyone’s favorite room and the heart of the home. Today’s kitchens pour on a lot of styles, and the range hood, once a plain, unremarkable eyesore, is now either a grand statement that draws the eye or a subtly integrated extension of the cabinetry. Hauslane can help you get the most out of any range hood—we provide you with the best kitchen hood design ideas for your home.

What Kitchen Hoods Do

Kitchen hoods are not just decorative. They are high-performance machines that keep the air fresh in your home with or without outside ventilation. With non-ducted hoods, the motor sucks steam, odors, smoke, and grease into the filter and expels clean air. Look for one with a quiet, powerful fan and a grease trap that’s easy to clean.

In addition to its main function of cleaning the air and expelling it through a kitchen vent or recirculating through a charcoal filter, range hoods reduce the heat in the kitchen and provide a handy light source exactly where you need it, over your kitchen cooktop and oven.

Enhance Your Kitchen Decor

Many wall mount range hood units are fairly featureless. Some are decorative on their own and fit right into your decor without a facade. Or you might have your kitchen contractor build a facade to complement your decor. That’s where things get really interesting. Your hood doesn’t have to be boring and basic; Hauslane can help you find the best kitchen hood design ideas to suit your style. Here are some of the coolest range hood ideas to make your kitchen the warm and wonderful oasis your home deserves.

Kitchen Hood Ideas

How should your kitchen hood look? That depends on your style and taste. Your dream kitchen maybe a high-tech wonder full of sleek stainless steel appliances or a throwback to a country kitchen with red brick and warm woods. There’s a kitchen range hood to fit every vision. Here are just a few kitchen design ideas to take your space from functional to a personable showcase for your culinary talents.

Rustic Brick Backsplash
Charming and warm, the rustic brick style creates a cozy atmosphere in the heart of the home. This kind of kitchen design is very inviting, and brick backsplash brings a comfortable elegance to the overall appearance of the kitchen that is sure to be admired.

This custom hood style can stand out with beautiful brick detailing behind it. The facade complements the kitchen and still makes a remarkable statement.

American Country Classic
There is nothing more welcoming than a traditional country kitchen. The design is intended to give you the feeling of being home, warm, and comfortable. A place where family and friends gather and memories are made. Characteristics of the design are a variety of textiles and textures, with neutral colors that evoke the essential features of the countryside.

The range hood in a classic country kitchen is typically covered by a large, detailed facade with crown molding that matches the cabinetry. Many will have shelving or mantels on top for decor and country style knick knacks.

Two-Tone Matching Range Hood
To provide a more dynamic look to your kitchen, a two-tone kitchen hood design idea uses two neutral colors to make a beautiful and bold statement in the kitchen. Contrasting colors establish a visually exciting appearance while looking clean and coordinated. Light and medium colors together give any kitchen a simple, yet gorgeous look.

The range hood can match with the cabinetry or be covered up by it, and accented by a contrasting tile backsplash. The range hood could also oppose the color of the cabinetry, creating not only an eye-catching pop of color in the room but also a conversation starter.

Stainless Steel Sleek Modern Kitchen
Sleek modern kitchen designs feature elegant color schemes and smooth cabinetry. Contemporary flat surfaces give this style a distinctive, bold appeal. Typically, this design has minimal colors, and bold accents, which create an interesting and unique style for the heart of your home.

The range hood in this style of the kitchen can stand alone as a modern focal point or can be hidden behind fluent, continuous cabinets. An easy DIY solution for a range hood in a sleek modern kitchen is to cover it in high heat paint, in a bold color that coordinates with the color scheme of your kitchen.

Minimalist Modern Hidden Range Hood
The minimalist modern kitchen design is sleek and sophisticated. Countertops and open space go undecorated and uncluttered, emitting a very clean, simplistic appearance without coming off as boring. Guests in your home will admire the polished and modern appeal of your kitchen space.

The range hood can be disguised by extended cabinetry, creating a flow throughout the kitchen without a bulky range hood right in the middle. The minimalist style usually only consists of a couple of paint colors, so the range hood, if not covered, should be painted a color that coordinates with the rest of the room. A stainless steel hood would work well with this kitchen design.

DIY Ideas For Kitchen Hoods

Feeling inspired? You can create some of these range hood design ideas on your own with a little paint and ingenuity. Here are a few quick tips:

1. Add some architectural details
Range Hood corbels are easy to find and easy to install, and they add a lot of character to any edifice. Mount a shelf on top, and you have an impressive fireplace mantel look in minutes. You can also find turned table legs and decorative wainscoting to add interest and detail similar to the English and French country examples above. With a little ingenuity, you can blend in other appliances, such as your dishwasher, to match your decor as well.

2. Build a box
In a rustic kitchen, a simple three-sided box frame covered in shiplap or stacked stone veneer would make a lovely focal point.

3. Metalwork
Make a rounded chimney or box frame, and cover it by bending hammered copper or stainless steel for an artistic look.

4. Add a faux finish
Paint an ugly hood, add a stencil or a piece of decorative metal artwork, or cover the whole thing with contact paper made for appliances.

5. Strip it down
If you have a painted stainless steel hood, strip off the paint and polish the steel to a high shine for a brand new look.

No matter what style you choose, your kitchen should be comfortable and attractive to the person who spends the most time in it: you. Your kitchen range hood is highly functional, but it doesn’t have to stick out like a sore thumb. Hauslane offers high quality kitchen hoods and appliances you need. All it takes is a creative idea, a willing contractor, or some DIY inspiration to fit our function into your style. No matter your style, Hauslane has the kitchen hood design ideas for your home.