Top Considerations When Choosing a Range Hood Company



Choosing a Range Hood Company: Key Factors to Consider Before Buying

It’s great to be able to browse countless range hood models online at distinct price points with different finishes, designs, and features. But let’s be honest, it can be a little overwhelming. With so many different range hood companies on the market, you might be tempted to just give up and buy the first option. Don’t risk settling for hidden poor quality or unacceptable customer service. Here’s how to ensure your purchase is from a company you can trust:

Couple browsing online for a kitchen range hood company to purchase from

Exceptional Customer Service

exceptional customer service showing a customer service team helping people over the computer

A reputable range hood company will offer various ways to get in touch, such as email, phone, and chat.

Select a company that guarantees direct interactions with real human representatives rather than frustrating chatbots and obnoxious hold music. That way, you can get your concern or question resolved quickly. Before making a purchase, try getting in touch with the customer service team to test the process.

At Hauslane, we are completely dedicated providing outstanding customer service. Our team is based in the United States and our experts are available Monday-Friday 7am - 4pm (PST). You can get in contact by filling out our contact form online, by email, phone call, or by sending a message through the online chat on our website. Another option is to reach us through private message on our Instagram and Facebook pages. To go the extra mile, we also offer virtual consultations to answer your questions and asses your kitchen setup to help you choose the best range hood.

Uncompromised Product Quality

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Quality range hoods should be thoughtfully engineered to meet the needs of different kitchens.

Opt for a company whose products are designed for home chefs but deliver professional performance so you can enjoy the very best performance. Beyond that, choose a company that offers range hoods in multiple finishes, shapes, styles, and sizes.

Transparent Return Policy

a good range hood company should have a transparent returns policy image showing girl frustrated on the phone

Ensure that the company has a clearly stated return policy

Before making a purchase, confirm that the company has a return policy outlining the conditions under which returns are acceptable. A 30-day return policy is standard. That gives customers ample time to assess the product and return it if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Hauslane has an entire web page dedicated to the return policy details. In short, Hauslane offers a 30-day return policy. The item must be unused; in its original (received) condition and packaging. Returns shipping is included granted there is no damage to the product not due to our error. For more information about the terms and conditions of a Hauslane product return and how to get one started, visit our Returns Policy Page.

Does the Company Offer Comprehensive Warranties?

look for a range hood company that offers warranties to protect yourself image showing couple eating breakfast and looking at laptop

It is always important to understand who is responsible for replacements and repairs within a warranty contract.

Invest in a company that includes warranties with their products. Warranties are indicative of a company’s confidence in its products and provide customers with assurance and peace of mind.

All Hauslane Range Hoods include a 2-year limited warranty. Hauslane will either replace an item or provide the necessary part(s) to complete a repair with free shipping and handling. All Hauslane motors include a limited lifetime warranty. In the case that the range hood motor stops working, Hauslane will supply a new one at no cost. For more information, visit Hauslane's Warranty Policy Page.

Additional Product Protection Options

purchase from a company that offers additional protection plans to make sure that you and your product are safe in the event of an accident image showing photo of young boy cooking over stove smelling the steam looking at his food

Most of us can probably relate to thinking 'this is unlikely to happen' and then having to face the consequences of opting for zero protection.

Consider companies offering additional product protection plans. These plans can be invaluable, extending the life of the product and safeguarding against unforeseen damages and malfunctions.

There tends to be a common misunderstanding between warranties and additional product protections. Which, again, is why it's beneficial to understand what covers you under a warranty and during what time period your product will remain protected in the event of an accident.

Hauslane offers extended product protection through its partnership with Extend. Hauslane's additional product protection plans range in price based on the coverage level chosen. The purpose of Extend's product protection is to safeguard the item from failure after the manufacturer's warranty expires This program was built for the ease of the customer and their peace of mind- most claims are processed in as little as 90 seconds!