Hauslane Partners with Neve Distributing



Hauslane Partners with Neve Distributing

Hauslane is delighted to announce our newest partnership with Neve Distributing, a premier distributor renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in home appliances.

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The addition of a new distributor supports the expansion of Hauslane’s high-quality product line.

“Our team is eager to continue making a positive impact on customers lives." Said Calvin Ruan, Hauslane CEO. "We believe that range hoods are often overlooked within the kitchen space, and partnering with NEVE will help us make a difference by opening a new door to delivering a revitalized cooking experience at home.”

Neve Distributing

NEVE Distributing is a dynamic distribution company based in California, specializing in the supply of premium kitchen appliances to dealers across the Western United States.

NEVE is also now the latest addition to our family of distribution companies, following the successes of LUWA and MODE Distributing. Under the leadership of Jason Walsh, President of NEVE Distributing, the company has rapidly expanded its portfolio from a single line to now representing six renowned brands: Hauslane, Forza, Everpure, Pentair, Vitara, Pinnacolo, with a seventh brand set to be unveiled in May.

With a focus on delivering premium performance, value, and robust warranties, NEVE Distributing stands out for its commitment to customer service and dealer profitability. Their dedication to prompt issue resolution and product availability has solidified their reputation as a trusted partner across the Western US.

Here at Hauslane, we're dedicated to revolutionizing your home cooking journey, making it not just enjoyable but exceptional for you and your loved ones.

Our aim is to empower home chefs like yourself to create a contemporary, high-performance kitchen without breaking the bank.

Our recent collaboration with Neve Distributing perfectly aligns with our commitment to enriching the lives of homeowners and culinary enthusiasts everywhere. Together, we're united by a shared goal: providing kitchen appliances that elevate the everyday cooking experience to new heights.

Keep an eye out for exciting updates as we embark on this exciting journey together!

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