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Range hoods are essential to any kitchen, and having the right accessories is necessary to make yours work efficiently.

Some range hood accessories include: 

  • Chimney extension kit: Our chimney extension kit extends the Hauslane range hood chimney stack to reach tall ceilings.
  • Chimney cover kits: Select a Hauslane chimney cover made of high-quality material to keep the chimney safe..
  • Grease filter: The range hood's grease filter removes odors and steam in the ventilation process. Our options include baffle, panel, charcoal and aluminum filters.
  • Grease collector tray and oil cups: The grease collector tray collects the grease in the hood range to keep your kitchen odor-free. They are model-specific, so ensure you get the right one for your model.
  • Water trays: The water tray is an accessory for range hoods with auto steam cleaning features like the UC-PS38. 
  • Duct cover: The duct cover surrounds the vent system above the canopy for external ventilation through the wall or ceiling.
  • Lights: The lights at the bottom of the hood canopy help illuminate the stovetop for better visibility as you cook. 

Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Clean

You rely on your range hood parts to help remove odors and smoke, filter grease and keep your kitchen clean and safe. Browse our selection to find the accessories you need.