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How to Install Hauslane’s Chimney Extension Kits

Who doesn’t love heigh ceilings? The extra space opens up your home and makes even the smallest spaces appear larger. If you have a kitchen with a high ceiling, you may be wondering how to accommodate your range hood. Fortunately, Hauslane sells chimney extension kits to fit a variety of range hoods so you don’t have to sacrifice on style and performance.

Here’s how to install the chimney extension kit and find the right one for your Hauslane range hood.

How do i install a hauslane chimney extension with my range hood? classic stainless steel wall mount range hood
Wall mount glass canopy range hood with tall chimney for high ceilings

Installation Guide

Follow these steps using your Hauslane chimney extension kit:

  • Carefully slide the chimney bottom down outside the chimney extension partly
  • Then, carefully place the chimney bottom into the recessed area of the hood body top. Ensure the chimney mounting bracket is securely attached to the wall. 
  • Raise the chimney extension up inside the chimney bottom. 
  • Secure the chimney extension to the chimney mounting bracket with chimney mounting bracket screws from two sides.

How to Find the Right Chimney Extension Kit

Our chimney extension kits are sold separately and are available for the wall-mount models and the IS-200. The length varies from 27 to 36 inches, dependent on the model. Each chimney extension kit product page lists the compatible models.

The kits are not returnable so we recommend reviewing carefully, and if you’re unsure, you can always ask our friendly customer support team for help. We’re available via video chat, chat messenger, email, phone, and text.

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