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What is the Difference Between Product Warranty and Product Protection Plans?

Discover the differences between product warranties and product protection plans so you can make the best choice about protecting your products.

What is the Difference Between Product Warranty and Product Protection Plans? photo showing a family cooking in the kitchen with their range hood

What is a Warranty?

What is a warranty?

Understanding Product Warranties

Product warranties are legally binding assurances provided by manufacturers or sellers to consumers. They outline the terms and conditions about product repair, replacement, or refund within a specified time frame. It’s critical to make sure you understand these terms and coverage details before making a purchase.

Key Points about Product Warranties:

  • Duration: Warranties vary in length (e.g., one year, two years, or lifetime).
  • Coverage: They specify defects or issues covered.
  • Actions: Manufacturers/sellers detail the steps for addressing covered issues (e.g., repair, replacement, refund).
  • Conditions: Warranties may exclude normal wear and tear, misuse, or unauthorized repairs.

Hauslane range hoods, for instance, offer a 2-year warranty covering replacement parts and units. Additionally, the range hood motors include a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring motor replacement at no cost if it fails completely. To help make claims, hold onto warranty records, including purchase dates and registration information.

Hauslane Warranty Process: If an issue arises, customers have six months to start a claim, providing proof of purchase, issue description, and personal information via email to

Read more about Hauslane's Warranty Policies

What is a Product Protection Plan?

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Exploring Product Protection Plans

Product protection plans, often called extended warranties, are insurance or service agreements purchased alongside products to extend coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty. They offer several different features:

Key Features of Product Protection Plans:

  • Extended Coverage: These plans extend product coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Protection Against Breakdowns: They cover repair/replacement costs for malfunctions, breakdowns, or issues not caused by user misuse or accidents.
  • Additional Services: Some plans offer technical support, maintenance, or product replacement if repairs aren't feasible.
  • Peace of Mind: Extended warranties provide peace of mind, shielding against unexpected repair costs after the manufacturer's warranty expiration.
  • Cost: Consumers pay an upfront fee, which varies based on the product, its cost, and the coverage duration.

Carefully reading and understanding extended warranty terms is crucial. Factors like product reliability, repair likelihood, and cost-to-coverage ratio should guide your decision. While some find extended warranties valuable, others prefer relying on consumer rights and manufacturer warranties.

Hauslane's Extended Warranty: Hauslane offers customers the option to purchase extended warranty coverage for various term lengths at tiered pricing. When investing in high-value items like kitchen range hoods, extended warranties can offer peace of mind after the manufacturer's warranty expires.

Credit Card Protection: It's worth noting that some credit cards provide extended warranty protection as a cardholder benefit for certain purchases. Check whether your credit card offers such coverage.

At Hauslane, we offer standard and extended warranties to protect your investment. We’re proud to offer high-quality products you can trust. Find out more about the Hauslane difference.

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