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*Suction power stated above are equivalent airflow in CFM. For more info, please visit our website

*Suction power stated above are equivalent airflow in CFM. For more info, please visit our website

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Kitchen range hoods are frequently overlooked as a vital kitchen appliance. Toxic smoke and fumes can get trapped inside your home without proper cooking ventilation. With Hauslane’s superior range hoods, you’ll never have to worry about breathing in unhealthy air again!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CFM?

CFM is an abbreviation for cubic feet per minute. It measures the speed of airflow. More specifically, CFM ratings tell us how fast air can be moved out of a room. Many of our customers ask us about CFM suction power and why we don't list it in our descriptions. Suction power definitely matters when it comes to finding the right range hood! However, there’s no clear international standard for CFM. Manufacturers also use different testing environments and labs. CFM ratings vary based on kitchen setup, venting, windows, and more. In fact, you could test the same range hood in the same kitchen and change an element (such as closing a window) and get a different CFM reading. That’s why we recommend selecting your rangehood based on your cooking needs.

What is the noise level of Hauslane range hoods?

The majority of our range hoods are rated at around 60 dBs at the highest setting. You can control the noise of the model through our various speed settings. To learn more about range hood noise control, check out our detailed blog. To get an in-depth explanation about noise levels, read our blog: Everything You Need to Know about Sones Ratings for Range Hoods

How do I pick the correct size range hood?

For the best fit, we recommend selecting the size of your range hood to at least match the size of your cooking range. For example, a 30” range hood is a good choice for a 30” cooktop but would not work with a 36” cooktop.

What is covered in the lifetime motor warranty?

At Hauslane, our engineers take pride in our core technology: the efficient, powerful motor. If your motor ever breaks or stops working, we will send you a new one for free.

What is the range hood installation process like?

Hauslane range hoods are easy to install! We provide all of the instructions that you'll need in the user manual provided with your range hood. You can also find helpful resources on our blog and installation tutorials on our YouTube channel. If you are not confident in your installation abilities, we recommend working with a professional for best results.