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What's Included? Oil tray (1), grease catcher (2), water kettle (1), top 6″ round exhaust adapter (1), top 3-¼″ by 10″ rectangular exhaust adapter (1), and rear 3-¼″ by 10″ rectangular exhaust adapter (1)

UC-C395 Ducted Under Cabinet Range Hood

Under Cabinet

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Meet Your New Range Hood

Our UC-C395 ensures cooking odors and fumes are quickly whisked away in your kitchen. The powerful motor has 6-speed settings to choose from. It has an innovative water self-cleaning system to protect your motor and keep your kitchen stay hygienic. The low maintenance care means you can spend more time enjoying your meal and the company of friends and family.

Suitable Cooking Style & Features:


3-Way Ventilation System for Simple Installation

Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen or just want an upgraded range hood, the UC-C395 under cabinet range hood has you covered. The three-way exhaust options make installation simple and fast.

  1. Fits 6” round duct
  2. Fits 3-1/4” x by 10” rectangular duct

    Innovative Self-Cleaning System

    We don’t like to pat ourselves on the back, but we have to say the self-cleaning water system is pretty genius. It’ll keep your range hood in tip-top shape and running like a dream.

    • Water-base
    • Prolongs life of motors
    • Enhances performance
    • Not compatible with rear venting

    Designed for Everyday Cooking

    This range hood is made with everyday home chefs like you in mind. Simple to install, operate, and maintain- so you can spend more time enjoying whatever is on tonight’s menu. Perfect for everyday cooking needs.

    • Perfect for daily cooking styles and techniques, including boiling, steaming, poaching, braising
    • Designed for typical levels of heat and smoke

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    Cooking Style

    Great for Everyday Cooking

    Great for those who cook as much or more than they order out. They have their favorite recipes and love trying out new ones from time to time.

    Perfect for:

    Everyday cooking, typical heat and smoke, boiling, steaming, poaching, braising.

    Noodles in pan with broccoli and cheese

    A Word on CFM:

    Our customers often ask us about CFM suction power and why we don’t list it in our descriptions. Suction power definitely matters when it comes to finding the right range hood!

    However, there’s no clear international standard for CFM. Manufacturers also use different testing environments and labs. CFM readings vary based on kitchen setup, venting, windows, and more. In fact, you could test the same range hood in the same kitchen and change an element (such as closing a window) and get a different CFM reading. That’s why we recommend selecting your range hood based on your cooking needs.


    Everything You Need For Better Cooking Experiences


    Cutting Edge Technology

    When it comes to range hoods, it is all about SUCTION POWER. At Hauslane, we craft our powerful motors with cutting edge technology and patents. As a result, our range hoods deliver high CFM suction and they will meet any cooking needs. Never have to think again for your next steak meal!


    Self-cleaning System

    Water self-cleaning system to improve hygiene and motor longevity. The innovative under cabinet kitchen extractor features an internal water self-cleaning system that prolong the life of it’s motors and efficiencies. No more cleaning the fans with your hands.


    Three-Way Exhaust Options

    Whether you are working on a house remodeling or a simple replacement project, this model got you covered. It comes with three different adapters that fits 6" round or 10"x 3-1/4" rectangular duct. Plus, it vents out from the rear too. No more drywall or structural works when replacing a range hood.


    Variable Speed Settings

    From quiet operation to powerful suction, you can use our speed setting feature to find the perfect balance between noise and suction. This range hood features 6 speed settings for different cooking situations.


    Carcinogens Free Kitchen

    Studies show cooking fumes contain Carcinogens which has been a long suspect for lung cancer. Upgrade your kitchen today with a Hauslane powerful kitchen ventilation system to keep your loves one from cooking fumes.


    Trusted & Reliable

    At Hauslane, everything we do is inspired by our love of cooking. We believe cooking brings people together. We have years of expertise in offering professional services and crafting high quality products, and we are committed to applying the most innovative technology to all of our designs.


    • Perfect for everyday cooking, typical heat and smoke, boiling, steaming, poaching, braising.
    • Stainless steel under cabinet range hood with slim, compact profile 
    • Water self-cleaning system for easy maintenance and increased durability( NOT compatible with rear venting)
    • 3-way ventilation for easy installation
    • Incandescent light offers good illumination 
    • Electronic button control for simple use 
    • Grease catcher and oil trap grab grease before it has a chance to drip down
    • 6-speed settings to customize performance 
    • Fits 6” round duct or 3-1/4” x by 10” rectangular duct
    • Includes: Oil tray (1), grease catcher (2), water kettle (1), top 6” round exhaust adapter (1), top 3-1/4” x 10” rectangular exhaust adapter (1), and rear 3-1/4” x 10” rectangular exhaust adapter (1)




    • Size 30" | 36"
    • Style Under Cabinet
    • Ductless No
    • Cleaning Function Auto Water Cleaning System
      NOT compatible with rear venting
    • Noise Level 1.5 to 6.5 Sones
    • Light Color Temp. Warm / 2700 Kelvin
    • Light Bulb 40W Incandescent (A15)
    • Light Intensity 1 Level
    • Control Electronic Buttons
    • Speed Selections 6
    • Equivalent Airflow (CFM) 750
    • Laboratory Airflow (CFM) 400
    • Top Venting 6" or 3-1/4"x10"
    • Rear Venting 3-1/4"x10"
    • Convertible N/A
    • Motor Dual
    • Wattage 240W
    • Voltage 120v
    • Connection Hardwire
    • Amperage 2.0 Amp
    • Dimensions (WxDxH) 29-3/4" | 35-3/4" x 22" x 10"

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