Over-the-Range Microwave Removal DIY Guide



DIY Guide to Removing Your Over-the-Range Microwave and Installing an Under-the-Cabinet Range Hood

So, you’ve decided to swap out your over-the-range microwave for an under-the-cabinet range hood. Good choice! You’ll find that your new kitchen hood provides superior ventilation and filtration. There are just two things you have to do before you can start enjoying the benefits of fresher air: remove the microwave and install the new range hood.

DIY Guide to Removing Your Over-the-Range Microwave and Installing an Under-the-Cabinet Range Hood
DIY Guide to Removing Your Over-the-Range Microwave and Installing an Under-the-Cabinet Range Hood

How to Get Started

Here’s the good news— doing so is much easier than you might think. We break down how to tackle this project that’s perfect for a weekend home upgrade. You can also watch this DIY installation video for a closer look at each step. This video features the UC-PS38 Under Cabinet Range Hood.


    How to Remove an Over-the-Range Microwave and Install an Under-the-Cabinet Range Hood

    • Before removing the over-the-range microwave, take an assessment of the unit and your workspace. Clear out the area and make sure there's nothing in the way. 
    • Observe under the microwave and check for brackets used to install the appliance.
    • Open the cabinet above the microwave and remove any panels hiding the ductwork so you can see what's going on inside. 
    • Check ductwork to see how it is installed.
    • Unplug the unit and remove any foil tape around the duct tape.
    • Place a protective covering such as a broken down box, over the stovetop and work area.
    • Measure the height from the bottom of the microwave oven to the surface of the protective covering.
    • Use a solid, sturdy item of a similar height to hold the microwave in place during removal. 
    • Ask someone to help you with moving the microwave.
    • Remove the screws and carefully remove the microwave.
    • Check the shape of the ductwork vent so you can select a range hood vent shape that fits.
    • Clean the area where the microwave was and the cabinets before installing the range hood.
    • Open the range hood box and select the correct range hood vent panel to match your duct work.
    • You may need to remove the vent installed on the range hood to swap it out.
    • Remove the panel and find the holes for screws, so you know where to screw in the range hood.
    • Carefully screw the correct vent panel into place.
    • Remove any packaging.
    • Disconnect the ducts in your cabinet for more flexibility with installation.
    • Place the range hood on the item you're using as the base.
    • Screw in the range hood with a helper.
    • Put ducts back and connect to the range vent.
    • Use foil tape to connect ductwork and prevent leaks.
    • Plug in the unit.

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