Hauslane Expands Product Line with Innovative Range Hoods



Hauslane Expands Product Line with Four Innovative Range Hoods

At Hauslane, we specialize in range hoods. Our products are designed based on this deep expertise and built to last. One of our favorite things to do is come up with new, innovative range hoods to help deliver a brand-new cooking experience. That’s why we’re so excited to add four new range hoods to our diverse product lineup: the IN-R200 and IN-R300 built-in range hoods and the WM-540 and WM-730 wall mount range hoods.

Hauslane Expands Product Line with Four Innovative Range Hoods: couple looking at range hoods online

IN-R200 and IN-R300 Built-in Range Hoods

Hauslane Expands Product Line with Four Innovative Range Hoods: custom built in vent hood

What sets these models apart from their predecessors are their enlarged handles on the baffle filters, making them easier and safer to handle during routine cleaning or replacement.

Another important addition to these models is the offering of three different sizes instead of the standard two, providing customers with a broader range of options to perfectly fit their unique kitchen layout. Lastly, these built-in range hoods introduce different knob styles, expanding the variety in Hauslane's collection and allowing homeowners to choose a model that best fits their kitchen aesthetics.


Hauslane IN-R200 built in range hood

IN-R200: Fits perfectly into your customized vent shell with 18.5” depth and 3 width sizes to choose from (30", 36", and 42").

Hauslane IN-R300 built-in range hood

IN-R300Ideal for kitchens with large dimensions offering 21” depth and 3 width sizes to choose from (34", 40", and 44").

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WM-540 and WM-730 Wall Mount Range Hoods

Hauslane Expands Product Line with Four Innovative Range Hoods: wall mount range hood sleek kitchen vent hood

The new wall mount range hoods, the WM-540 and WM-730, echo Hauslane's commitment to practicality, variety, and style.

Like the built-in models, they feature enlarged baffle filter handles, contributing to improved user experience during maintenance. Offering extra sizes versus the typical two, these wall-mount cooker hoods meet the diverse needs of various kitchen sizes and configurations. In addition, Hauslane introduces new hood styles with these models, expanding the collection's variety and making it easier for customers to find a range hood that complements their kitchen's design.

Hauslane WM-540 wall mount range hood

WM-540: Designed with a unique geometric shape with a modern touch screen panel and powerful performance

Hauslane WM-730 wall mount range hood

WM-730: An optimal hood for heavy-duty cooking with 4-fan speed settings including a turbo mode for extra power.

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Why Choose Hauslane Range Hoods?

Hauslane Expands Product Line with Four Innovative Range Hoods: why choose Hauslane? Hauslane range hoods are designed to eliminate cooking fumes and toxins for a cleaner and safer cooking environment

Hauslane's superiority in the market is built on its commitment to provide quality, innovation, and variety.

"With every model, we work to enhance the user experience, from installation to daily use and maintenance."

The addition of these four new range hoods to the lineup signifies Hauslane's ongoing commitment to meet customers' changing needs and preferences. Customers can rest assured that choosing a Hauslane range hood means choosing a product that combines performance, style, and convenience, making your kitchens cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable spaces to cook and dine in.

For more about what makes Hauslane range hoods different, find out why Newsweek recognized us as a top range hood brand.

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