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Home Design Trends of 2024: Embracing Timeless Elegance and Modern Functionality

As 2024 marches on, some design trends for homes are rising to the top. While previous years were all about neutral color palettes and straight lines, 2024 is proving to be the year of color, curves, and texture. Let’s dive into the home design trends causing a stir.

Home Design Trends of 2024: Embracing Timeless Elegance and Modern Functionality. Black wall mount range hood with large windows and nature indoors
Green Kitchens

All Green Everything

White? Gray? Those neutral shades are so last year. It’s all about green these days and the color is popular for its calming, natural vibe. From walls to tile and cabinets, everyone is loving shades of forest green, sage, and even mint. The nice thing about this trend is you can embrace it as much or as little as you’d like- try a pop of green in your kitchen with a new tablecloth or go all out with sage green walls in your living room.

Induction cooktop

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops offer a more eco-friendly option for cooking. These cooktops use magnetic fields to induce an electric current in cookware that contains iron. Home chefs enjoy these appliances because they are easy to heat up, cool down, and clean.

Kitchen Island Table with an eating section and a sink section

More Functional Islands

It’s no longer enough for kitchen islands to serve as a prep zone. Kitchen islands are now used for storage, seeking, and workstation sinks. Overall, people want more functionality from their islands and are focusing on that over pure aesthetics.

kitchen cabinets with a drink station for cocktails and mocktails, coffee and tea

Beverage Centers

Speaking of functionality, how about a dedicated beverage center? From espresso machines to sparking soda machines, everyone is loving having a space to make their favorite drinks. These centers usually include the preparation materials, cups or glasses, snacks, and napkins.

Kitchen cabinet under cabinet lighting

Integrated Cabinet Luxury

On the same note of functionality, homeowners are prioritizing integrated lighting in their cabinetry. This lighting can be found behind cabinet doors, inside drawers, and under upper cabinets. Who wants to root around in a dark cabinet for items, anyway? A little bit of integrated lighting goes a long way to making storage functional.

old money luxury kitchen aesthetic timeless kitchen decor

Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is trending on TikTok and Instagram for its emphasis on timeless, classic dressing. However, the style extends to interior design as well. Instead of in-your-face luxury, the new preference is for pieces that are subtle and built to stand the test of time. Think texture, artisan pieces, handcrafted decor, luxurious fabrics, soft tones, and kitchen appliances that PERFORM. 

A new kitchen range hood is the perfect cherry on top to achieving the 'quiet luxury' aesthetic. Often an overlooked kitchen appliance, yet considered a key essential. Especially when you find yourself in the 'if you know you know' situation. One may not see the need to upgrade their range hood, but having proper kitchen ventilation can make a world of a difference to daily life.

Kitchen Range Hoods

With Professional Performance


Ultimately, the themes for 2024 home design trends are all about functional, timeless pieces. For a deeper dive into what we’re seeing this year in the heart of the home, check out the kitchen design trends that are making waves.