How to Set the Clock on Any Hauslane Touch Screen Range Hood



How to Set the Clock on Any Hauslane Touch Screen Range Hood

Need to reset your range hood clock for daylight savings? Did a power outage clear your time? Hauslane range hoods offer touch screen and manual button controls. We made both types of panels simple and easy to use, and we have all the details about how to set the clock on any touch screen Hauslane range hood below.

How to Set the Timer on Any Hauslane Under Cabinet Range Hood


How to Set the Clock on a Hauslane Touch Screen Range Hood

Setting the time on a Hauslane touch screen range hood is a simple process. First, locate the power button on the control panel of the range hood. Hold down the power button for five seconds until the display screen blinks. This indicates that the clock function is now active.

Next, use the up and down arrows on the control panel to select the hour that you want the range hood to display. Once you have selected the desired hour, press the power button to confirm your selection. Follow the same steps to select the minutes for the timer. When you have set both the hour and minutes, press the power button again to activate the timer. The display screen will stop blinking, indicating that the timer is now set.

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