Product Comparison: Hauslane’s WM-540 vs. WM-739 Range Hoods



Product Comparison: Hauslane’s WM-540 vs. WM-739 Range Hoods

When it comes to outfitting your kitchen with the right appliances, a quality range hood is essential for maintaining air quality, reducing cooking odors, and enhancing the overall aesthetic. Today, we'll be comparing two of Hauslane’s favorite wall-mount range hoods: the WM-540 and the WM-739 range hoods. Both models have professional-grade features and sleek designs. Let's dive deeper into their specifications to see which one best suits your culinary needs.

Hauslane Wm-540 heavy duty stainless steel wall mount range hood modern mount hood for kitchen
Hauslane wm-739 wall mount range hood for heavy duty cooking stainless steel touch screen kitchen vent hood

Design and Aesthetics

First things first. We’ll focus on the overall appearance of the WM-540 and WM-739 so you can determine which is a better fit for your kitchen’s design.


  • Contemporary stainless steel finish with a low-profile canopy design.
  • Clean-cut lines for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Seamless blend with any kitchen decor, from traditional to modern.


  • Stainless steel canopy with an onyx black panel for a modern aesthetic.
  • Adjustable chimney cover to accommodate various ceiling heights.
  • Sleek touch control panel for easy operation and cleaning.

Performance Differences

Next, here’s what you can expect from the WM-540 and WM-739 in terms of performance.


  • Large pro-style dishwasher-safe baffle filters with full-size handles for easy removal and dishwasher cleaning.
  • Low noise operation for a peaceful cooking experience. (2 - 7 Sones)
  • Powerful suction with three-speed settings for optimal performance.  (CFM 860)


  • Dishwasher-safe baffle filters with deep grooves to trap grease effectively.
  • Three-speed settings to control speed and noise levels. (CFM 900)
  • Low noise operation with a sones rating of 1.5 to 7.


The WM-540 and WM-739 share versatile features:

  • Delayed auto-shut-off function for convenience and energy savings.
  • Energy-saving LED light bulbs for enhanced visibility while cooking.
  • Convertible venting option to ductless with charcoal filters (sold separately).
  • Fits 6” duct or converts to ductless for added flexibility.
  • Adjustable chimney cover for various ceiling heights.

Included Accessories and Warranty

Finally, here’s what you can expect in terms of accessories and warranty for both the WM-540 and WM-739:

  • Include: dishwasher-safe baffle filters (2), lower chimney cover (1), upper chimney cover (1), chimney bracket (2) and 6” round exhaust adapter (1).
  • Can convert to ductless with charcoal filters (sold separately). 
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a lifetime warranty on the motor.


    Hauslane WM-540 and Hauslane WM-739 heavy duty wall mount kitchen exhaust fans

    Both the WM-540 and the WM-739 range hoods offer impressive features and performance, making them excellent choices for any kitchen.

    The WM-540 (pictured left) stands out with its contemporary design, low noise operation, and versatile venting options, while the WM-739 (pictured right) excels with its powerful suction, easy-to-clean baffle filters, and modern touch controls. Ultimately, the choice between these two models will depend on your specific preferences and kitchen requirements.

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