Why Use Charcoal Filters for Ductless Range Hoods?



The Benefits of Using Charcoal Filters for Ductless Range Hoods and How to Install them

Ducted range hoods provide the greatest efficiency and performance when it comes to cleaning and neutralizing odors, fumes, and smoke. However, there are a few reasons you might use a ductless range hood instead of a ducted one based on the type of filtration your home will allow and the method that you will prefer.

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Charcoal Filters for Ductless Range Hoods: Why to use them and how to install
Charcoal Filters for Ductless Range Hoods: Why to use them and how to install- women chatting in airy home

To Go Ducted or Ductless and Why?

The most common reason that people choose a ductless method over ducted is due to a lack of ductwork. If you don’t have ductwork (and/or don’t want to add it), you can use a ductless range hood to clean and deodorize the air in your kitchen. Homeowners may also use a ductless range hood due to a lack of space in their kitchens. Finally, ductless range hoods give you more options for installation. If you’re not quite sure where you want to install your hood just yet, a ductless operation could be a good choice. Ductless range hoods can be installed over an island, below a cabinet, or elsewhere.

    Search Tip: When you search Hauslane products to find the right range hood for your kitchen, use the filter ("filter by") in the upper-left-hand corner to search for “ducted” or “ductless” hoods, depending on your needs.

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    Charcoal Filters for Ductless Range Hoods: Why to use them and how to install- why use charcoal filters with a ductless range hood?

    Why Should I Use Charcoal Filters with a Ductless Range Hood?

    Filters, in general, are key to making ductless range hoods work. Remember: they aren’t connected to ducts that will send dirty air outside and circle new air in. So, they need a way to purify the existing indoor air that becomes tainted while cooking. Instead of the recirculation method that we see in ducted range hoods, ductless range hoods use filters that absorb the harmful toxins to clean the air.

    More specifically, ductless range hoods typically operate with filters with a charcoal layer and an aluminum layer. The aluminum layer traps grease, grime, and odor particles before the charcoal layer neutralizes the air and recirculates it.

    Hauslane offers two types of charcoal filters: a carbon chips filter for wall mount, island, and built-in range hoods and a cotton charcoal filter for under the cabinet range hoods. The charcoal filters need to be changed regularly instead of being washed or cleaned. We recommend changing them at least every other month, more often if you cook quite a bit or use high temperatures.

      How Do Charcoal Filters Keep My Kitchen Air Clean?

      The activated charcoal within the filter is processed to absorb gas molecules. Oxygen is used to heat the carbon which vaporizes and removes impurities from the air. This reaction creates pores on the surface that continue catching gas molecules, trapping and absorbing them inside for cleaner air to breathe.

        Why Can't I Reuse a Charcoal Filter?

        There is no cleaning process that allows for cleaning out the toxins that the filter has trapped. To clean the toxins, you would need to heat the used filters to such a high degree of heat that it would in turn release those harmful toxins and vapours back into the air; reversing the entire filtration job it's done.

          How to Install and Change Charcoal Filters in a Ductless Range Hood

          Installing charcoal filters in your ductless range hood is simple. Take a look at our video demonstration above or follow these easy steps below:

            • Place the canal of the carbon filter at the benchtops of the engine cover and fix it by turning clockwise.
            • To remove the carbon filter, turn it counterclockwise
            • Do not wash the carbon filters and change them according to the frequency of use
            • Remove the pipe plate and adapter
            • Place the block of the filter on the motor cabin and fix the pipe plate in place.
            • The cloth of the filter should be washed in the dishwasher once or twice according to the frequency of use
            • After washing six times, a new carbon filter cloth should be used
            • Remove the carbon filter cloth after taking off the upper cover on the plate
            • After washing and drying, place. it again in the pipeline
            • Fit the carbon filter into place in the motor cabin by paying attention to its position

          Ready to install your ductless range hood? Dive into the quick-start installation guide and start enjoying your new appliance today.