Easy Outdoor Table Setting Ideas for a Stylish Look



5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Table Settings

By Hauslane ∙ 10 mins read

When entertaining outdoors, gorgeous outdoor table settings and carefully curated tablescapes are a surefire way to please your guests with a little extra effort. Hosting events at home is only becoming more popular as society gradually returns to in-person gatherings.

After all, your garden is an outdoor living space perfect for hosting friends and family. Tables decorated with flowers, candles, place cards, expertly folded napkins, and eye-catching tablecloths set the scene and create an inviting ambiance. Try out these simple but effective ideas below to create your own backyard oasis for your next event.

5 Simple ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Table Settings

How to Select Your Theme

To make it easier to select items and accessories for your outdoor event, you can select a theme. Your backyard can be a great source of inspiration. Do you have a luscious, overflowing garden full of colorful flowers? Or is your backyard more of a shaded cool place with lots of ferns? Whatever the setting, build your color palette off of the natural shades surrounding you to create an enchanting vibe.

Don’t forget to study the types of plants in your garden as well. For example, a lilac-colored wisteria might be utilized as inspiration, or a tropical garden might be the perfect place to exhibit palm trees along the table.

Once you determine your theme, consider each of the five elements below. Bringing them all together will create that beautiful ambiance you’re after.

5 Simple ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Table Settings

Table Linens

Setting the scene with tablecloths is one of the most important aspects of any tablescape. It's the first thing you do when laying your table and sets the tone. First, measure the size of your table and consider its shape (square, round, oval, or rectangular). Then, select the style, color, and fabric. Natural linen tablecloths are great for the outdoors because they are simple to clean and typically don’t require ironing. Polyester blend and acrylic fabrics are also popular options for outdoor settings.

As for colors, yellow and orange shades create a sunny, happy vibe. Stripes are always stylish, and green and white look fantastic with flowers for an English garden vibe. For a nautical, coastal look, choosing a blue and white color scheme would be the best.

To keep your tablecloth from flying away, fasten it with clips. You can also use large candles, ceramics, and glass hurricanes to give weight to your tablecloth and a regal appearance.

Table Linens


Where will you have your guests sit? If you are going for a more casual event, get comfortable chairs, like outdoor lounge sofas. Bright pillows in turquoise, orange, or pink hues will provide a splash of color to your outdoor eating area. Or go for a a fire pit surrounded by chairs and seating cubes. You can also use gold or silver chairs with fabric covers for a more elegant look. If you have enough room, you may include a portion for outdoor games like ring toss, croquet, or a large toppling tower.


Glassware and Dinnerware

Even glassware can be used to make a statement. Consider the thick glass goblets and flutes with exquisite tinted-glass bases made by to bring flashes of color to your table. You can also opt for clear glassware designs if your theme is minimalistic. For a more casual gathering, try melamine outdoor glassware and dinnerware. This material is shatterproof but feels more substantial than traditional plastic. You can find all sorts of prints and patterns to suit your style. Trays, ice buckets, and food stands are other fun ways to accessorize.



A fresh arrangement of flowers, or tiny single stems in fragile glass vases strewn around the tabletop off any tablescape. Consider what is in season and what’s growing in your own garden. For example, peonies look beautiful in May while a striking display of chrysanthemums works for late summer. A mix of aster and marigolds works wonderfully for the fall.

You don’t always have to go for large bouquets. As they give the table a sense of fullness, little bud vases along the table are frequently more effective than a few vast focal pieces. Small strawberry plants or orange trees in pots are fantastic for adding color and a sweet aroma to create a summery atmosphere.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting typically falls into the following categories: accent, ambient, and task. Outdoor accent lighting will draw attention to specific locations and is typically three times as powerful as regular lighting.

Fairy Lights

Accent Lighting

Fairy lights or outdoor lanterns can be used to create ambient lighting. A dimmer switch is included with some of these to provide a gentle glow. Solar torch lights can be used to simulate flickering flames. These gorgeous tiki lights don't require any electricity. Another low-energy alternative for outdoor lighting are LED lights.

Ambiance Lighting

Ambience Lighting

If you want to make your garden feel like an outdoor living room and add some eccentricity to your design plan, consider hanging pendants from trees. Choose fittings made of wicker and bamboo that mirror the surrounding nature or lovely patterned lampshades that will stand out during the day.

Task Lights

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps make pathways and entrances visible. When selecting outdoor lighting, consider your landscape from the inside and go for materials that can withstand the elements.

Ultimately, there are many ways to enhance your outdoor table setting. These five elements will help you create a cohesive, enhancing style sure to wow your guests. As you create your menu, be sure to invest in kitchen appliances that will make your cooking experience that much better.