Discover 5 Surprising Kitchen Ventilation Benefits



5 Surprising Benefits of Proper Kitchen Ventilation

By Hauslane ∙ 5 mins read

If you’ve ever served brussels sprouts to a 5-year old, you know what it’s like to feel underappreciated for all your hard work. That said, you’re not the only one whose labor in the kitchen goes unnoticed. There’s another member of the family whose work barely gets noticed… until it fails to deliver.

Who are we talking about? Your range hood.

Quality range hoods are an integral part of any kitchen, just as important as ovens, stovetops, refrigerators, and other appliances. In fact, they’re arguably more important because without them, your home becomes a greasy, grimy, smelly, and all around unhealthy place. Although they are often unnoticed, there are many benefits of an exhaust fan in your kitchen.

When equipping a kitchen with new appliances, take the time to evaluate your options for this all-too-often neglected appliance, choosing one that uses state-of-the-art technology, including filters that leave your home cleaner and your lungs stronger.

The following are five solid benefits that come from the powerful ventilation that a high-quality range hood provides.

5 Surprising Benefits of Proper Kitchen Ventilation

1. Remove Cancer-causing Compounds from the Air in Your Home

The World Health Organization calls cooking fumes “the killer in the kitchen,” responsible for 3.8 million premature deaths worldwide—8% of which are caused by lung cancer stemming from indoor air pollution.

Yes, it may seem like carcinogens are everywhere these days, but it’s important not to panic. One of the basic principles of toxicology is that “the dose makes the poison,” so while cooking fumes do contain harmful carcinogens (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and aldehydes), the risk can be effectively managed through proper ventilation.

How much does proper ventilation help? Studies have found that a benefit of an exhaust fan in your kitchen is that it may reduce your risks of lung cancer by as much as 50%. And you can get a high-quality range hood with a near-professional-grade blower and filtration system at a very reasonable price through Hauslane.

Curious to learn more about the science behind these conclusions? We published a more in-depth blog post that dives into the data, linking to multiple studies showing the risks of chemicals found in cooking fumes and how to manage them.

2. Eliminate Nasty Odors

Another benefit of an exhaust fan in your kitchen is its ability to eliminate unpleasant odors. Did you know that people can’t smell the odors in their own homes? Studies show they can pick out another home’s unpleasant odors, but when presented with their own home’s smells, they usually don’t smell a thing.

Why? We habituate to smells very easily. It’s called olfactory adaptation, and it leaves us oblivious to that lingering smell of garlic shrimp clinging to our living room drapes.

What can you do about unpleasant odors you can’t even smell? Well, one step is to remove the fumes that cause them, and a good range hood can do just that.

State-of-the-art range hoods suck up those odors and run them through intricate filters. Depending on the mechanism, the range hood will either recirculate the properly filtered air (now free of smells) or blow it outside your home.

3. Prevent Grease and Grime from Forming on Counters and Other Surfaces

Cooking fumes don’t just contain noxious chemicals, they’re also laden with grease that sticks to wooden surfaces—cabinets and tabletops—leaving them stained and even creating fire hazards. The worst part is that you can’t wash it out without scrubbing your cabinets and causing the colors to fade (the same way a vibrant pair of blue jeans fades after too many washes).

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure when it comes to dealing with these greasy vapors in the air, and proper ventilation does the trick.

4. Experience Generally Improved Air Quality

Cooking fumes contain over 200 different types of harmful gasses, and cancer isn’t the only risk. The fumes that arise from some of our favorite dishes, especially things like fried foods, have been shown to cause cause respiratory problems among chefs (who, naturally, spend a lot of time in the kitchen).

What’s more? Gas stoves produce nitrogen dioxide, which can trigger asthma and cause runny noses. In fact, according to Bob Vila’s blog, a gas stove can produce a level of pollution indoors that would be illegal if a factory produced that level of pollution outdoors.

All in all, as we mentioned above, the cooking fumes in poorly ventilated kitchens lead to an estimated 3.8 million deaths around the world. And again, none of these facts should make you even consider abandoning the culinary arts. Instead, take precautions to properly ventilate your kitchen so you, and your family, can breathe easier. You’ll see the benefits of an exhaust fan in your kitchen right away!

5. Say Goodbye to False Alarms

At the risk of focusing on more trivial, luxury problems, a poorly ventilated kitchen isn’t just unhealthy... it’s annoying!

It’s annoying when the smoke alarm won’t shut up. And while it may not happen every time, certain smokey foods can set it off. That can seriously detract from your cooking experience, and when frustrated chefs disconnect those extra-sensitive devices, it introduces a whole different kind of risk.

At Hauslane, our goal is to transform your cooking experience and showing you the benefits of an exhaust fan in your kitchen. One of our high-quality range hoods is an essential ingredient in that equation. From healthier air, to a cleaner, odor-free kitchen, to fewer alarms, celebrating the culinary arts begins with quality appliances.

The good news? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a range hood with specs that approach or exceed what you’d see in a professional kitchen.

Learn about how to equip your kitchen with the right range hood in 6 simple steps, and shop our online catalog to protect your family and keep your kitchen pristine.