The Best Range Hood Mounting Height



The Best Range Hood Mounting Height

By Hauslane ∙ 5 mins read

Many homeowners are unsure at what height they should install their new cooker hood. Installing your range hood properly is key to achieving top performance and height is a core component of placement. In this article, we’ll review standard guidelines for all types of range hoods and reasons why it’s so important to install your range hood correctly.

The Best Range Hood Mounting Height

Standard Guidelines

How high you install your range hood will depend on a few factors. Indoor and outdoor range hoods require different installation heights to allow for the proper extraction of fumes and smoke. For standard indoor range hoods, install them between 24 to 30 inches above your cooktop.

Outdoor range hoods should be installed 36 to 42 inches above the cooktop. Outdoor ranges typically produce more heat and smoke so you’ll need extra space to fully extract all of the fumes. This applies to both gas and electric ranges. You should always check your manufacturer’s recommendations before installation.

Why it Matters

Does it really matter where you mount your range hood? In one word: yes. There are several potential consequences of installing the appliance too low or too high. Installing the range hood below the minimum recommended height can cause a fire and/or damage to your cooktop. It can also damage the interior components of the range hoods or the exterior surfaces.

If the range hood is mounted too high above the recommended height, it won’t be able to extract away the fumes. That means you’ll have to clean the range hood, your cooktop, countertops, and cabinets more often. In other words, your range hood won’t function as it’s supposed to. Improper installation can also affect the longevity of the motor as it will have to work harder to do its job.

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